"Back in October I had the pleasure of volunteering with Studio City & Sherman Oaks Rotary at Camp Pendleton. We met just outside the base, all of our cars packed with the necessities to host a Halloween Picnic for Active Marine Families. Food was cooked and served as lines of families dressed up in their Halloween attire came to be a part of the soiree. Hot Dogs, Chili, Chips, Drinks, Bounce Houses, Face and Pumpkin Painting all with Halloween goodies at the end, a true Halloween Picnic. It was a beautiful experience, one I got to capture in the video below, and would like to share with you. As someone who is new to volunteer work, my takeaway was the impact that my small actions can create, and when you add them on to actions done by other people together, the reverberation is fantastic. What a brilliant way to show up for oneself while serving others and the greater good. My advice going into the New Year, find time to work within your community and outside yourself, you might be surprised by the results. - Volunteer, Brenna Jorgensen, Studio City & Sherman Oaks Rotary 
See Video of Event Here: